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  Last Modified: 06/10/2005

Food Pantry Client Intake

Daily Preparation of Intake Logs

As indicated in the procedure for Intake Logs, new intake registration sheets (USDA and non-USDA) should be used at the start of each calendar day.  Please do not mix multiple days on one sheet; this creates confusion and makes recording accurate Client numbers difficult.  The process for registering clients is very important because it influences our reporting to the Second Harvest Food Bank (SHFB) and the Board of Directors.

Use today's date to determine the following:

  • The date 30 days ago

  • The date 15 days ago

  • The date 15 days from now

There's a useful online utility for date calculations at http://www.calendarhome.com/date3.html.

Client Food Distribution

STEP 1 - Review eligibility of the Client:    

a. The client should present their SMUM card containing their SMUM Client ID number.  If they do not have their card, ask the client to present valid ID.

b. Call up the client's record in the Client Database.

c. If the record cannot be found ....

d. If the client has not had and ID and zip code verification check in the past 6 months, perform an ID check.

e.  If the client received a food distribution less than 15 days ago ....

f.  Check the date of the last USDA distribution ...

g.  If the client is eligible for a food distribution, continue to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Register the client on the the appropriate intake sheet (USDA or non-USDA) and have them sign.

a. Enter the Client ID in the left-hand column.  If the client is new, enter "New".

b. Enter the number of children on the Client Record or New Client Registration Form in the far right column.

Check the birthdates of the children.  If any child is 18 or older, he or she must be removed from the record.  He or she may register separately if eligibility requirements are met.

Eligibility of children:

Year Child's birth date must be today's date after:
2005 1987
2006 1988
2007 1989
2008 1990

c. Enter the total number of household members (adults and children) on the Client Record or New Client Registration Form in the second-to-the-last column.

a. If the client's record indicates that they are homeless, mark an "(8)" on the intake form in the address field.

b. For emergency boxes, see Emergency Box procedure.

Sample Intake Log - USDA.

STEP 3 - Fill out a food box slip, including the client's SMUM Client ID number and birthdate.  Mark it for USDA or non-USDA.  If appropriate, mark "Asian Food".  If appropriate, mark an "(8)" to designate a homeless client (this is used instead of "homeless" to protect the client's dignity and avoid negative judgments/behaviors when other clients are signing the intake logs).

STEP 4 - Update the client record in the Client Database ...

For any questions, please contact the director.