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  Last Modified: 05/02/2005

Food Pantry Client Intake Logs

Daily Preparation of Intake Logs

New intake registration sheets (USDA and non-USDA) should be used at the start of each calendar day.  Please do not mix multiple days on one sheet; this creates confusion and makes recording accurate Client numbers difficult.

At the Close of Each Day

After closing the front door and removing the sign in sheet (if a client registers for service on the sign in sheet we MUST serve that client), review both the USDA and Non-USDA distribution sheets. Make sure that all the information on each sheet is complete.  The process for registering clients is very important because it influences our reporting to the Second Harvest Food Bank (SHFB) and the Board of Directors.

Occasionally, you may need to use the Client Database in order to complete each sheet (However, it is best to record the information as each client is processed). Once all the information is recorded on the sheet, total each sheet in the following categories:

a.) The number of households served (Count one for each Client ID recorded).

b.) The number of individuals served.  This is a total of adults and children.

c.) The number of children served (this information is for the benefit of SMUM and is not needed for the Food Bank).

d.) The number of homeless served, as indicated by the marking of an "(8)" on the intake sheet. 

      1)  In the "F=" count, count only families that have two
           or more individuals.  In other words, if a single
           individual is served, the individual is not counted
           as a family in the family count.

       2) In the "I=" count, count the total number of adults
           and children served, including single individuals.

e.) The number of emergency boxes issued, as indicated by the marking of a red star on the intake sheet.  Use the same rules for counting families and individuals as are used for counting the number of homeless served.

The information from the USDA form will be sent to the Food Bank for their USDA reports/records. Please total the numbers for all the sheets with the same date and record the grand total on the final sheet for that particular day. Accomplishing this procedure will be of great help in maintaining accurate clear “daily records” which will be requested from time-to-time from the Food Bank. Further, your assistance with totaling daily figures for clients served will assist our own counters/record keepers here at SMUM. We are responsible for providing daily totals, monthly totals and quarterly totals as an USDA food distributor (through Second Harvest Food Bank). Your help in providing daily totals will simplify this important process of record maintenance. Thank you for your help.

Sample Intake Log - USDA.

For any questions, please contact the director.